Desert daze


Death Valley Dunes & Funeral Mountains                                                                                                                                                                                             GaryERichardson photo©1972

From 1971 through 1976, I lived and worked in eastern California’s Inyo County—from the Owens Valley east of the Sierra Nevada to the Amargosa Valley east of Death Valley. It’s a part of California, as legend has it, that should have been in Nevada, but for a surveying shortcut.


So, for a life-changing period (there’ve been a few) I was a Calvadan or Nevadafornian,

Wranglin' cinders at a mine near Fossil Falls, north of Pearsonville, CA, 1973.

Wranglin’ cinders at a mine near Fossil Falls, north of Pearsonville, CA, 1973.

pretty much a desert rat, when I wasn’t playing mountain man a few summers in the Sierra.

Here you’ll find some stories and photos from those days as well as more recent photography and video from some of the old haunts—Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Anza-Borrego, the Amargosa (Near-Death Valley).

Magazine stories:


Paul Crockett, Paul Watkins & Brooks Poston at Barker Ranch

Paul Crockett

“Paul Crockett Profile”—a Death Valley prospector finds true gold in Goler Canyon—Psychic, Sept/Oct 1975


“California’s Alabama Hills,” Desert, Sept 1973

Bessie Brady

“Bessie Brady: Bullion Ship,” Gold!, Spring 1975


“Amargosa Mystery Rings”—a desert sleuth goes around in circles searching for a ring of truth—Desert, Jan 1976

Slide shows:

SukdorfsMonkeyFlower3 Flowers ‘n Flows: Craters of the Moon Wildflowers & Lava Flows, Spring, 2010

DVerbena&frnd Death Valley Wild Flowers, plus—Spring 2010

Also, check out the Desert magazine sites: and

There, you can access every issue—nearly half a century’s worth (1937-1985). What a treasure! For $10 you can buy a two-CD set containing all 534 issues, including a couple articles I wrote, which I’ve posted above.

8 thoughts on “Desert daze

  1. Dear Gary,
    Enjoyed viewing your photo history. During the time I knew you with Paul Crockett and Paul Watkins never knew you had such an incredible focus when it came to aiming that camera.
    Chris Harris

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