from the archives

I’ve been digitizing some old slides and negatives. I’ll be posting archival stuff on pages connected to this one; check the contents menu to the right. More current stuff is posted on “News & views.”

Here’s a taste of what I’ve been digging up from the archives:


The Sierra Nevada from the Alabama Hills outside Lone Pine, California. Mount Williamson, the second highest in the Sierra, is in the center at 14,384′ (or so—darn peaks keep moving!); Trojan Peak and Mount Barnard, to the left; University Peak, Mount Bradley, Independence and Kearsarge peaks on the far right. For more Sierra photos, click here.

Click on any photo on this site to view a larger copy of the copyrighted image. Custom prints are available of any image. Until I get this all figured out with a PayPal option, shoot me an email if you want a print.

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