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Raggs Baggins

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inyo005 “Desert daze” contains links to articles, photos and videos from various desert adventures.


Death Valley Dunes       GaryERichardson photo©1972

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 Stay tuned, come back, you never know what we’ll dig out next….

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  1. Lola Mae McNamee Richardson was my grandmother and she died in Concord, Contra Costa, California, on 29 Jul 1943. I was just 7 years old at the time. She was a very loving person. Please correct your record on her. I wrote a history book on my family with pictures. Please let me know how I am related to you. I see you come from George Richardson (1803). I don’t have him in my database. Thank you. Bob Richardson, bobvelma64@aol.com, 303-344-4470, if you want to talk.

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