good intentions

Gary E Richardson, major factotum

writer, photographer, designer

has been:

teacher, curriculum specialist

journalist, TV producer

community organizer

NGO administrator

government flack

My purpose in life may be to serve as a warning to others.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for posting the news Gary. His lessons and interactions have been an important piece of my life and evolution.Paul has been on my mind ( and in my heart) a lot lately. As have you and the days of Desert Sun. I have a picture of me playing guitar in the Tecopa house that you shot, and wonder if you’re scanning and posting more of the band and those times. I’d love to see them! Be well, David Wells

    • Wondering if I had met you in your journies through Tecopa and Shoshone in 1972. I was a devoted fan of the Desert Sun and a friend of Brook and Paul. My name is Vicki. Also wondering if you have any knowledge of Brooks’ current location. To drop him a line would be an indescribable joy.
      I see a post from David Wells. Another fond memory. Id love to hear from you!

    • Hey David, its Vicki from the Pink Trailer Cafe. Do you remember me? Id love to hear from you. The memories made in the years we spent have never been overwritten or surpassed. They are golden. Hope to hear from you. Vicki.

      • Hi Vicki! Of course I remember you and the coconut cream pie at the Pink Trailer Cafe. Those were formative years for anyone that was there.
        I’m still in touch with John Watkins who lives in LA. I saw Jane 10 years ago, and my brother tells me Brooks is living in Washington state, but I’ve had no contact for ages.
        I live in Arizona , married, and work as an audio engineer and stage tech for bands and events. I still play music occasionally, for fun.
        I hope you’re well and happy. Nice to hear from you!

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