NSA/PRISM/Snowden news roundup

The Guardian has published a helpful “Online privacy and PRISM news and teaching resources round up.” It includes many of the Guardian articles I’ve been linking, plus teaching materials (anyone have Dick Cheney’s email?) and a lot more.

Snowden’s latest revelations in the Guardian make me reevaluate my recent quip about the Brits not wanting to get involved. Snowden disclosed that during the 2009 G20 summit in London, British agents were monitoring the computers and intercepting the phone calls of foreign officials and even set up an internet café so they could read their email. This is getting to look more and more like an episode of MI5, the BBC high-tech spy series that kept public TV viewers on the edge of their seats for several years. Snowden’s and the Guardian‘s timing is pretty good; the Brits are hosting a G8 summit Monday.

An Observer/Opinium poll of 1,942 Brits was released yesterday: