Family album

My sister Dyann sent me home from Cleveland with a stash of 2¼” x 2¼” transparencies taken by her father in the 1950s and 60s. I have been scanning and digitizing many of them. Here are a few “classics”:


Sisters Janet, Donna & Dyann, & Grandma (Zella B. Knapp) Lile c. 1960



My mother Margaret Lile Davison &   her mother Zella B. Knapp Lile

Farm House Occupants, 1963

Farm House Occupants, 1963


Farm House, Pipersville, PA, 1963



Sisters Dyann & Janet Davison with Bunnies, c. 1963



Erik & Mark Richardson





2 thoughts on “Family album

  1. Gary,Enjoy the memories. My last trip to Oregon I was able to collect a significant quantity of family photos as my oldest sister was returning to the Phillipine Islands permanently.  She has been a missionary there for the past 30+ years, and came home to Oregon for Mom’s last months.  Mom had given the house to her for as long as she wanted it, but her missionary work was her life’s callings, so we will eventually sell the house and put the proceeds into a Trust for her.  The photo collection will remain priceless, and as my other brothers and sisters request select photos, it is so easy to produce a high quality copy with Photoshop. So enjoy your treasures.Cheers,Vic Hill

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