…hurling US into the Abyss

What can we do to halt our government’s hurling us deeper into the Middle East quagmire—a tar pit of ancient blood spilled in unfathomable rivalries? The Brits, who were largely responsible for throwing rival tribes together into make-believe nations as their own empire was vanishing, have the good sense to stay out of this particularly nasty dust-up. A US military attack on Syria is folly.

English: Dust storm in the Middle East

Dust storm in the Middle East (Wikipedia photo)

   I listened to both the Secretary of State and the President lay out their case, and found it wanting. Kerry’s evidence was circumstantial; I doubt it would stand up in any court—in spite of his repeated assertions that “we know.”
    I’ve sent a couple emails to the White House today and signed a couple petitions urging no acts of war against Syria. The government should make its case before Congress and the court of world opinion, finger the perpetrators, bring them to justice with precise, police action. If the president must exercise his machismo, challenge Assad to hand-to-hand combat, a duel, whatever. Just don’t drag the rest of us into another senseless war in a country we don’t understand.

White House comment line: 202-456-1111 or to send an email: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact

A couple petitions:

To the president: http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/president-obama-dont-18?source=s.fwd&r_by=2901102

To Congress: http://www.democrats.com/no-syria-war

2 thoughts on “…hurling US into the Abyss

  1. Gary,
    We couldn’t respond to save our people in our embassy (Bengahzi (sic) ) and now we are jumping into policing the world again??? There are groups around the world who consider our drone strikes as similar tactics to the bombing at the Boston Marathon….Both sides killing people — Why are we so good at killing, but not at finding ways to lead peaceful lives and to help our neighbors, be they across the street, across the border, or across the ocean? I have had many opportunities to visit other countries, and in every country I found delightful people wanting to and willing to be friends and to share the bounty of their lives.
    G.o.V aka Grumpie Ol’ Vic

  2. Does Obama really have to show Putin he is no wimp by a senseless bombing of Syria? He made a stupid “red line statement” and now is caught in an alarming situation of his own making.
    I can see no end in our involvement in the Middle East, especially with our blind support of Israel.
    Glad you have this blog, probably being monitored as I type.
    Kellie C

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