Boise Balsam

I’ve wanted to properly display a panorama of the Boise skyline that I created a few days ago with a series of digital images I made from a field of yellow arrow-leaf balsam flowers in the Fort Boise Military Reserve overlooking downtown.

Here’s my latest attempt:

0 Balsam-Boise pan

This is a Google+ link to the panorama that I previously posted on Facebook, where there is no way to enlarge the image and pan the skyline.

Once you establish the link, above the image click on the little magnifying glass icon with  the “+” sign. A box appears to the upper left that enables enlarging and panning the image from the M-K Plaza building on the left to the 6th & Fort, Jim McClure Federal Building on the right.

Thanks to Mike Rolig at Google, who turned me on to this capability of Google+.

I’ll be looking for a way properly to display panoramas here. If you’ve had success doing that with Word Press, please tell me how.