New photos from our Boise “backyard”

A few hundred yards from our home in the Boise foothills:

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Overlooking Cottonwood Canyon, Fort Boise Military Reserve, Boise Foothills 2014 © GaryERichardson

Sand and gravel used in construction of Fort Boise was taken from the hillside above the road to the gold mines near Idaho City, the largest town in the Northwest in the late 19th century. The road passed through the fort to ensure that gold from the mines made its way to the Union treasury.

Lupin & Arrowleaf Balsam

Lupin & Arrowleaf Balsam 2014 © GaryERichardson

At times like this, one almost forgets that we live in the high desert.

Phlox, balsam & sage 2014 © GaryERichardson

Phlox, balsam & sage 2014 © GaryERichardson

Bitterbrush, sage, balsam 2014 © GaryERichardson

Bitterbrush, sage, balsam 2014 © GaryERichardson

4 thoughts on “New photos from our Boise “backyard”

  1. Thanks for the information on the first Photo. I was going to ask you about the “cliff” in the picture. My second favorite was phlox, sagebrush and sage. Great shots. Kellie C

    • I hope you received my previous reply???? Kellie C

      On Wed, May 7, 2014 at 10:22 PM, Richardson’s rummage wrote:

      > Karen commented: “Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. I just love it up > there.”

  2. Yes, I got your comments. The foothills have been unusually lush this year. Maybe it’s all of the goat poop from two years ago that has now worked into the soil watered by the spring rains. I’ve never seen so many balsam and buckwheat flowers—along with the cheatgrass, foxtail, and Medusahead, which is now turning a beautiful purple

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