Hari Heath & Integrity

Betsy Russell has posted an update on Hari Heath, the author of “Integrity matters to Idaho Republicans, who stand firm,” a guest opinion in this morning’s Idaho Statesman (July 14, 2014).

It will be interesting to see how long it takes the Statesman to follow up with an “integrity” update about Mr. Heath? Of course, in some quarters his tax protests and anti-government beliefs will make him even more the hero.

Mr. Heath’s about as good at the integrity thing as Mr. Otter ($x billions lost to his privatized prison donors), Mr. Risch (effectively defunded public education in his brief performance as gov.), Mr. Luna ($16-million-&-counting loss of federal funds for schools’ digital network wrongly awarded to Otter cronies), Mr. Crane ($10-million–$24-million lost through mismanagement of public funds), Mr. Denney…. Need we go on…?

How I miss the likes of John Evans and Phil Batt; now’s there’s integrity, folks!

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