My response to Risch’s nap.

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Here’s a link to an Idaho Statesman article by Cynthia Sewell, “One dozed. Another studied. How Idaho senators Risch, Crapo are handling impeachment,” followed by my online comment:

When it comes to Ukraine, Jim Risch has been “asleep” (compromised) since meeting with unregistered foreign agents hired by Paul Manafort in 2013. Risch subsequently accepted $3,000 in blood-money from those lobbyists for his 2014 senate campaign.* The contributions were laundered by Manafort’s European Center for a Modern Ukraine in a straw-donor scheme funded by then Ukraine president Viktor Yanukovych to curry favor in the US Senate—where Risch was in line to chair the foreign-relations committee—for the Russian takeover of eastern Ukraine.

A year ago, Yanukovych was convicted of treason for inviting Russia to invade Ukraine and reverse a pro-Western revolution. His police snipers killed more than 100 protesters who succeeded in ousted Yanukovych from power in February 2014, and he escaped to Russia. Russia annexed the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine and is still waging an ongoing war to occupy the eastern region of Donbass that has claimed the lives of more than 10,000 Ukrainians.

Risch’s understanding of Ukraine and Russia has been corrupted as badly as Trump’s.


Hari Heath & Integrity

Betsy Russell has posted an update on Hari Heath, the author of “Integrity matters to Idaho Republicans, who stand firm,” a guest opinion in this morning’s Idaho Statesman (July 14, 2014).

It will be interesting to see how long it takes the Statesman to follow up with an “integrity” update about Mr. Heath? Of course, in some quarters his tax protests and anti-government beliefs will make him even more the hero.

Mr. Heath’s about as good at the integrity thing as Mr. Otter ($x billions lost to his privatized prison donors), Mr. Risch (effectively defunded public education in his brief performance as gov.), Mr. Luna ($16-million-&-counting loss of federal funds for schools’ digital network wrongly awarded to Otter cronies), Mr. Crane ($10-million–$24-million lost through mismanagement of public funds), Mr. Denney…. Need we go on…?

How I miss the likes of John Evans and Phil Batt; now’s there’s integrity, folks!

Wow! The president listens…

President Obama has just announced that he is going to Congress  as soon as it reconvenes with his plan to attack Syria. This will take a few days, time for the Russians to talk sense to Assad.

And, time for US to ask our senators and representative in Congress not to authorize an act of war, to press for a diplomatic solution, and to pursue whoever is responsible for the the mass murder of civilians (by gas or other means) and bring them to justice, using precision, police action if necessary.

In Idaho, you can email them at the following links:

Sen. Mike Crapo:

Sen. Jim Risch:

Rep. Mike Simpson:

Congressman Labrador’s email isn’t working for me.